Lunes, Marso 19, 2012

Lesson 18: Roles and Functions of an Educational Media Center

What is educational media center?

  • ·         Is a place where audio-visual materials and equipment for instructional support were housed.
  • ·         It provides a venue for multimedia learning for a more effective instructional process in school.
The Educational Media Center is a unit indispensable to the teacher-training programs of the College. It provides the following services to the faculty, staff and students of the College: audio and/or video media materials recording services, production services, basic repair services, and consultant service on effective media utilization. 

To do its job, the Center has a collection of audio-visual facilities including cassette tape recorders, slide/tape recorders and projectors, film and film strip projectors, overhead and opaque projectors, video camera and other production hardware and equipment. For the most part, the Center serves as a laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Educational Technology courses. 

The mission of the Educational Media Center (EMC) is to provide quality support for teaching and learning through the integration and use of technology

Responsibility of Media Specialist in Education

  • ·         Plan instructional programs
  • ·         Share information about resources and search strategies
  • ·         Help with the operation of a peace of Help with the operation of a peace of equipment
  • ·         Suggest specific resources for a particular unit particular unit
  • ·         Provide conducive learning environment
Basic Services of Educational Media Center

  • ·         Accessibility of Resources
  • ·         Collection
  • ·         Reference
  • ·         Instruction
  • ·         Production
  • ·         Consultation

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