Lunes, Enero 16, 2012

LESSON 8: Teaching with Contrived Experiences

Contrived experiences are those which are designed and arranged closely resembling direct experiences. It is not always possible to let a student have a direct experience of all things; some contrivances such as laboratory experiments, working models, etc. are very useful. Contrary to belief, contrived experiences are usually better than direct experiences. This is because models are made less complex, see-through as also easier and safer to operate.

We make use of representative models or mock ups of reality for practical reasons and so that we can make the real-life accessible to the students’ perception and understanding. For instance, a mock up of Apollo, the capsule for exploration of the moon, enabled the North American Aviation Co. to study the problem of lunar flight.

Recall how you were taught how to read time. Your teacher might have used a mocked clock. Those whose hands you could turn to set the time you were instructed to set.

·         Drama and role-playing
·         Demonstrations
·         Field Trips
·         Exhibits and Models
·         Motion Pictured and Video
·         Visual Symbols
·         Verbal Symbols
Why do we use them?
·         Having the original is impossible
·         It is the most effective and appropriate way to portray the idea
·         It can justify the cost purchased
·         It can stimulate to further learning

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